Close, But Still a Long Way To Go

I just figured out that today is the 321st consecutive day I have gone for a run. I haven't talked about my consecutive days streak in quite a while. In all honesty after half a year it lost some of its luster. Not that running every day for 321 days isn't a big deal, it's just that 321 doesn't have a ring to it.

365--now there's a number that rings.

Lukas Verzbicas' Selfish Decision

Lukas Verzbicas was one of the most highly touted American high school distance runners in history. Last year, as a high school senior, he set the American high school record for the 2 mile and became only the 4th American high schooler to break 4:00 for the mile.

One of the truly incredible things about Lukas is that he is not just a runner. He is also a world-class triathlete.

Half Marathon Goals

Eighty eight minutes.

The Rock Canyon Half Marathon is 23 days away. Somehow this race has become what I have been pointing towards for seemingly an entire year.

I started running every day in January and the streak is still alive today. Compare that to last year when I spent 5 weeks "training" for the race, and it is reasonable to have higher expectations this go around.

The Weather's Changing

Here in Colorado we don't really do fall or spring. The classic 50 degree days with crisp, chill air and leaves on the ground happen way more in our minds than in reality. Sure, we get days here and there that are fall-like. But, for the most part what we get is 70s or 80s and then 30s and 40s. Our "spring" is, similarly, often more winter-like than spring-like.

Here are some tips for dealing with changing and uncertain weather while running in the fall and winter.

Magic Mileage

Is it possible that there are mileage break points at which a runner will experience major gains in performance and fitness? What if 20 miles per week is about the same as 23, 25, or 27, but at 30 things change? Is there magic in hitting a certain mileage threshold that just doesn’t happen below that point?

These are the questions I have been asking myself this past week.

Last Sunday I went for one of the best runs I have had in recent memory. I felt amazing and was shocked by how fast I was moving and how easy it felt.

Half Marathon Training

This past Saturday the best high school runners in Colorado met to compete in the State Championships. It was on that day a year ago that I was convinced to run my first half marathon a mere 5 weeks later. At this time last year my running was virtually non-existent. I ran 4 days a week for the 5 weeks leading to the race, maxing out at 28 miles a week.

This year I plan to run the same half marathon. However, I am coming from a very different place.

Hurdle Drills

At least twice a week I have my high school runners do a series of walking hurdle drills at the end of practice. From feedback received in our post-season evaluation it became apparent many of my runners did not understand the point of these drills. From watching the form of some of my runners as they did our hurdle drills, this honestly is not a surprise.

So, what is the reason behind these drills?

Running Free

The last time I made a change in my running accessories that could have inspired this title was when I started wearing actual running shorts to run in. That is not the type of "free" I am referring to in this instance, however.

Today "free" refers to my new running partner, my Nike Free 3.0s that my sister and brother-in-law gave me for my birthday.


Today is our regional cross country meet. In order for any of our runners to qualify for State they must finish in the top 15 as individuals or their team has to finish in the top 5.

Going into the meet we have 3 individual runners who have times this season that put them on the bubble of top 15, but on the outside looking in. Both teams are long shots, with the girls' chances appearing more realistic than the boys.

Farewell to a Long Time Running Partner

Over the years I have had many running partners. Some were casual, some were committed. Some pushed me, and some I pushed.

Regardless the nature of it, given enough time our relationships have always developed into something beyond running. It just is impossible to share hundreds or thousands of miles and not grow close.

This past weekend my relationship with my most loyal running partner changed forever.

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