Nine, Eight, Seven, Six...

356 days ago I would have thought running for 9 days in a row was quite a bit. I had run 10 days in a row once or twice, but rarely went more than 5 or 6 consecutive days hitting the pavement.

Now 9 days seems like nothing.

Nine days is how many I have left in order to reach 365 consecutive days with running at least one mile.

This entry is not intended to be a recap or reflection upon 365 days of running--I can't do that until I hit 365.

It is meant to be the start of an unofficial countdown.

Running Goals 2012: Keep Them Relative

About a week ago I added up my mileage for the year. Turns out that tomorrow I will go over 1500. That means I should end up around 1530 for the year if I do a minimal amount of running for the next 11 days.

As is my custom, I have also been contemplating my running goals for the upcoming year. One of the things I have been thinking about is a mileage goal for the year. 1800 has seemed like a nice number.


If you have been reading over the past several weeks you know that I had been training for a half marathon that took place the first weekend of December. You also know that on race day the conditions were miserable and I was not incredibly happy with my performance.

Over the years I have discovered many tricks to make running easier. This year in particular I have had to find ways to make running happen, since I have been running every day. The streak is alive and well. And 16 days from a full year long.

Benchmark Goals

It's that time of year again! That's right, time to start thinking about running goals for 2012.

I had a conversation today that prompted this post. I had been thinking a week or 2 from now would be a better time for a post about goals. However, coming off a target race that did not go how I wanted I was feeling a little like I was stuck in no-man's-land with regards to my own goals.

When Pure Misery Equals a Lot of Fun

It's an interesting aspect of human nature. Ask me today how the half marathon this past Saturday was and I will say things like, "It's a great race." "It's a good course." "There's good competition." "It's well run." "I had a lot of fun."

However, ask me to describe the race and the conditions on race day and I would be forced to concede that it was miserable, brutal, incredibly difficult, did not go anything like I had hoped, and all around not much fun.

13.1 In The Cold and Snow

Lesson #1 from this past weekend’s Rock Canyon Half Marathon:
When training for a target race in December, it is probably best if that target race takes place somewhere with predictably favorable racing weather.

Conditions on race morning were brutal. Temperatures in the mid 20s, snow in the air and on the ground, some wind with expected strong winds, and wind chills in the low teens.

The Perils of December Racing

The Rock Canyon Half Marathon is 2 days away. As I write this snow has dusted the ground outside and flurries are blowing around in the air. It is 33 degrees.

Fortunately the race is 2 days away and in Pueblo, a town known to be a good 8-10 degrees warmer than it is here most days. Unfortunately the forecast for Saturday morning in Pueblo is mostly cloudy with a 50% chance of snow and highs in the mid to upper 20s with winds 10-20 miles per hour gusting up to 35 mph.

Not exactly ideal racing conditions.

Six Days Out

The hay is in the barn.

The work has been done.

All I can do now is mess things up.

This past Saturday I did my last long run in preparation for my upcoming half marathon. I ran 10 miles at a very easy pace, and used the run primarily to practice my breakfast and refueling strategy for the race.

The Turkey Trot is Better Than The Turkey Trots

What better way to give thanks than to partake in that for which we are thankful?

It has become something of a personal Thanksgiving Day tradition to go for a run in the morning. This year, with the encouragement of my sister and brother-in-law as well as several members of my running club, I took it up a notch and ran a 5k road race.


This past Saturday I met several of my high school runners for a leisurely 11 mile run. With the exception of an identical run tentatively planned for next Saturday, it marked the last big mileage day of my half marathon training.

From here on out I have two goals: feel fresh and feel fast on race day.

How to accomplish those two things now becomes the trick.

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