Always Learning!

In the past month I have read all or part of 3 running books and several running magazines. I always find that reading these things leaves me with two different feelings.

First, I find that there is something I can gain and learn from everything I read. Whether it is a training idea, a new way to look at the physiology of running, or a tip on the mental part of running, I never finish a book or article and think, "now that was a waste of time."


In the summer of 2007 I experienced something that was probably as near a miracle as anything I have ever experienced in my life. I was miserable with allergies. I mean eyes itchy, sneezing up a storm, nose chapped, sore throat, not able to breathe miserable.

Getting Motivated to Run

I suppose it's possible that no one else struggles with motivation like I do. I suppose I could be the only one who has to find ways sometimes to get myself out to run when I really don't feel like it. Well, while I suppose struggling with running motivation could be a unique trait, my experience tells me it is not. Over the years I have discovered some good ways to motivate myself to hit the road (or trail, or track, or whatever the case may be). Here are a few tips and tricks.

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