Music While Running?

This is something that I know is a bit of a "hot" topic, and is on my mind because I am on the hunt for a new pair of headphones.

Is it good or bad to listen to music while running?

I have a lot of trouble running without music of some kind, because I then tend to focus on the bad things (I'm tired, my legs hurt, oh no- a hill). But I know most races ban it (although you still see people wearing MP3 players), and there is a myriad of reasons you shouldn't listen to music while running.

What are your thoughts? Do you listen to music while running? If you do, what is on your running playlist?

I say no, heres why

In a race its important to be aware of the other runners around you and listening to music takes away the ability to fully do that. This is why most competitve/elite runners who are trying to win choose not to. However for casual runners who arent really worried about their place. Why not? Go for it.

Music While Running Thoughts

I do not allow my high school runners to listen to music. The reasons are fourfold: First, I don't want their mp3 players to get lost, stolen, or broken. Second, I want them focusing on their running and not distracted by their music. Third, I think an mp3 player makes you a target for theft or worse (women in particular). And, fourth, I think it is important and safe to be aware of your surroundings particularly when running on roads.

Having said that, I know a lot of people love to run with music. And I think that anything that gets people out and running is a good thing. I just think there are some risks that go along with running with an mp3 player.