Let's Start Messaging!

Well, here it is. I never thought I would introduce message boards to my running site, but I guess some things are inevitable. We do, after all, live in the age of social networking.

Maybe someday we can set this up so it can be linked to Facebook accounts and we can be notified when someone responds to one of our posts! Wouldn't that just be too much!

To read about my thoughts on message boards in general and this message board in particular, as well as the rules for conduct on this message board, check out my related blog entry.

Back to Running After Months of Not...

I am not really familiar with message boards, but since I am the first one (besides our beloved Erik), I figure it doesn't matter.
Today, right before I left work, I got an email about an article about a running blog (welcome to technology). The guy was writing about his experience in the Leadville 100 (yes, that's 100 miles), and why he didn't finish (he should have won it, he was so far ahead). I thought it was sort of inspiring for us low (wo)men in the running world to read about a guy who competes in these uber-long races, yet sometimes doesn't make it either. It is easy to look at the regular or hard-core runners and get depressed.
Today I ran for the first time in months. It hurt. I wanted to quit (I was doing Run 2, Walk 2). At one point I was really dizzy, and thought I might have to sit down. But I pressed on, and realized at the end that I had been out for 42 minutes, about 20 of which I had been running. And I am not dead. =-) Whether I get out there again tomorrow... well, I am taking each day at a time. And hopefully this message board will be a great place, to keep me accountable and inspired!

I've Been There

Every time I get really out of shape I promise myself that I will never get that out of shape again. I have made that promise many times.

However, I honestly can't remember the last time I was totally out of shape. I am not talking about being in incredible shape--just good enough shape to feel okay about myself.

And what I have found is that getting in shape sucks, but staying in shape is relatively easy. Staying in shape just takes consistency and is a lot less work than getting back in shape.

And for me the ease of staying in shape is kind of like the pot at the end of the rainbow. If you just stick with it long enough to get into shape, your reward will be having to do a lot less work to stay at whatever your personal definition of "in shape" happens to be!

This is fun!


It Is Fun!