3 Weeks Out

I have been training for my 3rd attempt at a sub 90 minute half marathon for 6 weeks now. I have 3 weeks to go.

At this point I am optimistic. I have stayed with the plan for the most part, but have been somewhat surprised by the volume I have been able to run with only 3 hard days a week. Each of the last 2 weeks I have hit mid-40s for my mileage with only a long run, a tempo run, and a moderate run. With those 3 runs getting me to 28 miles, I only need four runs of 4 miles to hit mid 40s.

I am feeling good. My legs seem to recover well and I have not had any major injury issues. My ankle feels good.

In both of the half marathons I have run previously I felt that my hip flexors ended up being a major weakness. I think the long tempo runs (40 minutes last week), my approach to long runs (start slow and finish faster), and the strength work I have been doing has a chance to help me overcome that.

All in all I think I have a shot at running my best half marathon yet. I will not be in as good shape as I was last year, although I am not as far off as I would have expected. But, last year a sinus infection the week before the race and awful conditions on race day conspired to derail my plans. If there are no such issues this year I may just have a shot.

Most importantly, I am healthy. That was goal number one when I started preparing for this race. I want to run fast and race, but I don't want to have to deal with my ankle for the rest of my life.

Hopefully my preparation for this race will provide a blueprint I can use successfully going forward.