The Case For A Coach

I am a running coach.

I spend 10-11 months year working with high school runners. I have worked with several non-high schoolers in various capacities. And, I enjoy giving advice and helping anyone who asks with training ideas.

I feel like I am very knowledgable about running. I read magazines, books, articles, online forums, etc. Undoubtedly there are lots of people out there who know more about running than I do. But, I also have no doubt that I know more than 99% of all runners.

So, why do I struggle so much to have a plan for myself that goes beyond, "run every day"?

I have concluded many times it is because I need a coach.

For as knowledgable, enthusiastic, and dedicated as I am, I have a hard time sitting down and putting together an objective plan for myself. I have a hard time holding myself accountable. I have a hard time getting past what I like to do and looking at what I need to do.

If I, someone who runs every day, is knowledgable about running, and who has coached successful runners needs a coach, don't you think maybe you should have a coach?

Even if you don't want a coach to work one-on-one with you, find a group of runners that does organized workouts. Working with other people helps everyone get faster. The best I have run in the past 2 years was when I was running workouts with the people I was writing them for.

Now, it's time for me to take my own advice.