New Features!

What does everyone think of the new "Tip of the Day" and "Who's Online" features?

Tip of the day gives everyone even more reason to visit every day!

Would a messenger feature be appropriate for this site? Or should that sort of thing be reserved for social networking sites and such?

New Goal Setting Area

Check out the new goal setting features in the Motivation and Goal Setting area. Now you can write, review, and edit your running and other goals.


I set a goal! Yeah! Go me! =-)


Tip of the Day Archive, too!

I also made a Tip of the Day archive!


Both the "Tip of the Day" and the "Who's Online" features are great additions to the site! Being able to see who else is online, could be a good opportunity to make a post and start a conversation.

As far a the messenger, I'm not sure it would get much use since there are those social networking sites as well as other messengers available.

I agree

Yeah, I think we'll stick to this for now. I like it, though! And thanks for the comment!